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If I wasn't so happy, I wouldn't be so scared of dying.

27 March 1987
  • Varndean College - Brighton, England - East Sussex, United Kingdom (2003 present)
I am Anna. I like to Play. I am in Woodcraft Folk. I love my friends, tea, cats and being outside.
aimless wandering, alkaline trio, badges, bagpuss, baking, beaches, beano, belt buckles, ben and jerry's, books, bouncy castles, brighton, buttons, c-change, campfires, camping, card games, carters steam fair, cartoons, castles, cats, cheese, cherries, chococat, chupa chups, cinnamon, conberts, converse all stars, creativity, cyber candy, dancing, darkrooms, denmark, dfs, dinosaurs, donnie darko, dr pepper, duke of yorks, dum dums, eating other peoples food, elvis presley, emily strange, eva eggs, eyeliner, film studies, foxes, friendship bracelets, frisbee, fruit, fry & laurie, fuck you bitch, gene kelly, gigs, ginger beer, gingerbread men, giving people random presents, global village, gnasher, go johnny gogogogo, green day, hackney, hammocks, happy hardcore, hello kitty, home education, hugs, i've never, in-jokes, innuendos, jasmine tea, jeeves and wooster, jelly, jelly bellys, journeys, kinder eggs, kittens, letters, lip balm, lollipops, long phone conversations, love, love hearts, making bracelets, making films, mashi maro, meerkats, mix cds, mix tapes, moomins, music, novelty plasters, paper cranes, passport photos, peanut butter, pear cider, photobooths, photography, photos, pick 'n' mix, pikachu, pimms, pokemon, postcards, pubs, rainbow jumpers, randomness, ratchet screwdriver, reading, scrubs, seeing friends, singin' in the rain, singing round campfires, sitting underneath skate ramps, sitting underneath tables, skull and crossbones, skumfiduser, sparklers, spiderman, spunk, sudoku, sugar daddys, sunshine, swearing, swings, tea, teasing lulu, tents, the clash, the ramones, the woodcraft folk, theboyleastlikelyto, thecuriousincidentofthedoginthenighttime, thunderstorms, tins, train journeys, travelling, treecreeper, varjak paw, woodcraft, woodcraft events, woodcraft folk, woodcraft parties, writing to people