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If I wasn't so happy, I wouldn't be so scared of dying.

30th December, 2007. 9:35 pm.

So I had a lovely time in Wendover, even if I did get woken up by small children wanting to watch TV at 7:20am... Was really nice to see everyone though, so I was happy. I spent some Christmas money when I got back to Brighton too, and that was fun. Josh came round to see me friday evening and we just curled up and talked and stuff like that. 

Josh met me from work today, and we got Chinese and watched Dharma and Greg and cuddled up, so that de-stressed me nicely. I got him to give me massages as well so it was really lovely especially as I was very sleepy.

On that note, I'm going to stop writing so I get a bit nearer to bed, and say Happy New Year to you all (slightly early, but who cares?)

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26th December, 2007. 8:27 pm.

Well I really haven't posted in ages. Talking about livejournal at work today made me realise this, so I will do a little catch up thing, and maybe make an attempt to post more often. Maybe.

So, I am getting on a lot better at Jessops than last time I wrote. Things aren't scary, I know everyone a lot better and have made some lovely friends. We had a work night out which really was a lot of fun, even if just for seeing my manager in a tiara...

So basically work is what I have spent most of my time on, but here is a list of the slightly more exciting things I've done since I last updated (can you tell I like lists?):

*Spent time with Josh (kind of goes without saying...)
*Seen Racheal and Gilbey
*Gone to the pub with Racheal, Gilbey, Megan, Owen and Solange
*Seen "The Golden Compass"
*Gone for a meal to say goodbye to Hannah Jackson
*Gone for the Jessops work meal/drinks mentioned above
*Visited Tom in Eastbourne and met Hazel over there too
*Seen Racheal a couple more times
*Gone to the pub with Josh, Mark, Ellen, Hazel and new Cissy Mo people I don't know
*Gone to the pub with Racheal, Megan, Solange, Nadine and Josh
*Gone to the pub with Josh, Simon, Emma, Jamie, Ben, Hazel, Steve, Ele, Gideon, Roland.....

Tomorrow I go to Wendover with my mum to see my family which should be lovely, then it's back to work, I have aday off on New Years Eve but have to work New Years Day... Great fun. 

I'm going to end with this again, as I am

Current mood: lazy.

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25th November, 2007. 10:35 pm. Stolen from Peff

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19th November, 2007. 1:18 pm. Shakespeare....

William Shakespeare

Give thy Anna no tongue.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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29th September, 2007. 10:33 pm.

 I have a job interview on Monday... It lasts from 12:15 till about 3:30ish, but it seems like the most perfect job for me. I hope so anyway. I miss Josh. I miss people. But Rebecca came to stay! Woo! Today I finally had my Cissy Mo leaving drinks. I don't know what else to say.

Current mood: tired.

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24th September, 2007. 8:38 pm.

I spent the weekend in Suffolk with Josh and it was absolutely lovely. We were staying in The Stables at Henham Park (the site of Latitude Festival) which is a beautiful B&B. We had a couple of nice walks round the park (although we did get scared of the cows, and the possibility of a "Stealth Bull") took lots of photos, went to Southwold for the day and exploered the pier, played pool in the games room, did puzzles and generally just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to get away from it all and spend some quality time together, away from the kind of distractions you get at home. I kept my phone off for most of the time so it felt even more like a nice little escape. I wish it could of been a bit longer, but other than that I had an absolutely great time. Thank you Mr Joshua! xXx

Current mood: grateful.

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18th September, 2007. 5:14 pm.

So, when I was in London last time I had fun times with Becca, which was really nice. Then a bit of an odd week... Spent a lot of time with Racheal doing silly things. Went to the pub with Emma and Matt N which was lovely, and went to DFs, then was back up in London from Friday, and I did many lovely nice things - on Saturday I helped out C-Change at the Thames Festival with Kat, Dan, Kirsti, Julie and other people I don't know so well (bike powered smoothie anyone?) and we saw Becca too and it was really sunny and lovely and nice. Sunday me and Josh went to Portobello Road and had a look round. Monday I was in a show for fashion week then I came home. Today I don't feel too well. Bah.


Current mood: Missing Josh.

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6th September, 2007. 12:16 pm. It's been a long time

and today I have very little plans. I will go out in London for a bit soon. But I kind of felt like I should actually write something here, seeing as I haven't for months. So recently I have

  • Gone to Party For The Planet/Battle of the Bands in Clapham Common, where I made bracelets with children and stood around in a hi-vis with a walkie talkie chatting to Owen Hastings (among others) I randomly saw Colin who was working for the PA company, and Josh came later and we went for some drinks with lots of people.
  • I have been to Eastbourne a couple of times, had lunch made for me and Tom by Dan and generally had a nice sociable Woodcraft time.
  • Quit Cissy Mo, and realised I should have done so a long long time ago. But never mind. Hello being on Jobseekers!
  • Spent a bit more time in London with my Joshua, we went to Rise breifly, and walked along the Parkland Walk and just spent as much time as we could together (he was working and therefore BUSY). I also went to the launch party for Rough Trade East, which was really nice as I got to see lots of my family.
  • Denmark! I went to Denmark with Woodcraft and it was fucking brilliant. Met lots of lovely people and generally just had a wonderful time, even though I got a bit ill while I was there.
  • Celebrated a year of being with Josh.
  • I moved house again, to the other side of the same road. (because our old landlady decided to sell the flat we were in before) the new place is nice, though I'm still getting used to it.
  • Made a cake for Gilbey's birthday, and made cupcakes for Emma Bleach's birthday.
  • Have now got three first cousin once removed's!
  • Spent time with lovely people.
  • Went to Racheal's for her 19th.
Hm. Now I've escaped to London because Brighton was getting me down a bit. and I missed Josh a lot. Unfortunately Evan's in Cambridge and Anna's in Portsmouth. Oh well. I am capable of spending time by myself.

Current mood: calm.

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2nd July, 2007. 11:50 am. Hmmm

I have not used this in ages again. So since last time I have:

Gone to Paradise Gardens and spent lots of time/money at Carters Steam Fair
Seen Josh a lot
Gone to DFs a few times
Seen Sam a couple of times
Went to Morgan's BBQ, met more of Josh's friends and half-heartedly played rounders
Worked at Glastonbury, which was a mixture of fun/stressful/upsetting/lovely/very very muddy/full of lovely people.

Oh, and I was meant to work yesterday but I had horrid stomach ache, so I didn't. Today I feel better.

Next saturday is C-Change Battle of the Bands in Clapham - I hope all Woodcrafters are going.

Current mood: lazy.

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30th April, 2007. 9:13 pm.

People should go to Paradise Gardens. You know it makes sense. X

Current mood: cheerful.

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